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equinox group.

Providing a world-class, integrated live events and exhibitions experience.

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Innovative and engaging events technology designed and built by Equinox.

What we do

Creative, effective and impactful design from Equinox's in-house studio.

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Modular exhibition stand design, build and installation to fit any budget.

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Team EG Studios...

Our team are pretty good. And what goes on in their mind and comes out on paper or screen is special...

Exhibition Stands

Now this is our expertise. It’s how EG Studios first started, and our experience in this industry is second to none.

We grab your brief from you, and we learn it chapter and verse.  We educate ourselves on your objectives, and listen to your wants and needs for your exhibition.

We study and interrogate your brand guidelines (it’s ALL about the brand guidelines), and we get the creative juices out of our heads and on to the drawing board.  That’s where things take shape.

EG Studios design the head-turners, the show stoppers, and the award winning exhibitions stands at trade shows all over the work.  We have an amazing portfolio of high-end brands and blue-chip customers who repeatedly put faith in us to design their stands time and again.


We’re living in a heavily led technological age, and we’re all breathing in the latest in digital phenomenon. By the time we’ve swiped a few times and breathed out, something new has come along.

EG Studios not only embrace, but champion all forms of digital media. When you need an interactive touch screen, an iOS or Android app, a computer game or a high-end immersive digital experience; or whether you’re just not sure what digital stuff you need we create objective-led functional and cool digital content.

With digital your captive audience aren’t only educated, they enjoy what the brand experience too.

Art Direction

We work alongside you to get the best look for what you need to achieve. We treat youe business like we treat EG Studios. With love, care and attention.

We oversee the artistic aspects of all your design work, and create incredible things.

And when we say “we”, we’re talking about a team of three:

  • You
  • Us
  • Your brand guidelines.

A project is never complete until the three of us are happy.

Branding & Identity

We either harness your brand and keep it safe, or we can create your brand from your idea.

Either way, we also take it to levels that you never thought you could take it, reach the eyes and minds of everyone you need to be noticed by.

It’s not just your logo.  It’s your complete look and feel. Tone of voice. It’s kind of your wardrobe, and how you present yourself to others.

We develop Typography, Illustration, Photography, Iconography, Layout Systems and everything else that you need to stand out from the crowd.

Get in touch...

We’re just at the end of the phone, or an email away. Let’s get your brand in to the studio. Let’s make it work…